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Real Estate

When purchasing or selling real estate, people commonly only seek out  a real estate agent and a broker and assume that one or both are on their side.  However, most brokers and Realtors work on a commission basis and may not be truly looking out for the client's best interests, but their own interests.  Many times clients may want or need a real estate attorney to assure that they have a professional on their side to oversee every aspect of the real estate transaction and to ensure that the client's needs and rights are put front and center.  Things to consider when purchasing or selling real estate that an attorney at The Brough Law Firm PLLC can assist you with are issues dealing with unforeseen damage to the property during the course of the sale, complex language  in the sales contract, negotiating the terms of the sales contract,  reviewing the title to the property to further protect you against risk, and enjoying the comfort of knowing that you have a professional who knows the real estate and property laws of Texas.

The Brough Law Firm PLLC offers the following services related to real estate transactions in Texas:

  • Representation of both buyers and sellers of residential real estate

  • Advising and counseling home buyers throughout the home buying process

  • Drafting and review of residential and commercial leases

  • Representation of buyers and sellers of commercial real estate

  • And many more


The Brough Law Firm PLLC can provide you with a real estate attorney that will draft and review all of your real estate documents and contracts.  We can also assist you in negotiating terms that are fair to you and will protect you from current or future risk.  Additionally, the firm offers services for landlords/tenants and will draft, negotiate, and protect your rights as a property owner or a tenant. 

The Brough Law Firm PLLC offers real estate consultations in half-hour and full-hour increments at fixed rates. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation by calling 512-792-9510 or by contacting us through our website by clicking here.