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Texas Cities Consistently Ranked Among Hottest Real Estate Markets in the US

Trenton Brough

Many publications that are currently being released, including this one released by, are naming Texas cities as some of the hottest real estate markets in the U.S. Visiting cities such as Houston, Dallas, and Austin, as well as the surrounding areas of each, is all it takes to see the rapid growth in population as well as new construction. 

Many homes that go up for sale in these markets have multiple offers put in by prospective buyers the day that they are placed on the market.  With rapid turn around on these sales, many sellers and buyers are rushing through the process in order to get a good deal on residential and commercial real estate.  Our Austin, Texas based law firm represents both buyers and sellers of real estate throughout Texas.  We take pride in counseling and serving our clients from offer to consummation of the transaction.   If you or someone you know is seeking to purchase or sell real estate in Texas, they may need an experienced real estate attorney to assure that the closing goes smoothly and there are no unexpected surprises along the way.

If the real estate market is hot and commercial and residential real estate is being bought and sold rapidly, it only makes sense that the local rental rates will also increase.  Our firm also represents landlords and tenants with their lease needs as well as dispute resolution over lease terms.  

While the Texas economy benefits greatly from the current real estate markets across the state, it is equally important to understand your rights and obligations to a transaction as a buyer or seller of real estate in a hot market.  Contact us today by clicking here to have a Texas real estate attorney at The Brough Law Firm PLLC represent you throughout the transaction process.